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Ploox Hookah Nest

Ploox Hookah Nest

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Ploox Disposable Vape Hookah Nest

Experience the ultimate in hookah pleasure with the PLOOX Hookah Nest. Merging innovation with tradition, it's more than a device—it's an immersive journey. Carefully curated for an all-encompassing experience, each Hookah Nest package guarantees exceptional enjoyment. (Disposable not included). Elevate your hookah experience today!
Ploox Plug and Play Portable Hookah is now available to elevate your inventory. Simply plug your portable Ploox disposable device, and the hookah is ready to go.
No hassle, no mess just instant satisfaction. Enjoy the rich flavors and smooth clouds wherever you are, making every moment a hookah delight on the move.

Ploox Disposable Vape Hookah Nest :

  • Variable Indicator
  • LED Light
  • USB-C Rechargeable

Kit Includes:

  • USB-C Charger
  • Hose
  • Led Light Remote
  • Features:

Ships From: IL

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